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Making grains with the Colourlock Grain Maker Set

In order to perform repairs with Filler, Fluid Leather or Leather & Plastic Paste invisibly, an exact imprint of the leather structure must be pressed into the filled area before colouring.

The Grain Maker Set is a fast-curing two-component compound supplied in an easy-to-use set to produce grain copies. One set is enough for making two grain copies.




  • The Grain Maker Set consists of four parts.
    • Cartridge: The cartridge consists of two chambers with reactive basic components.
    • Piston: The piston is used for pressing the two substances through the mixing tip.
    • Mixing Tip: The mixing tip mixes the two reactive components when pressed out of the cartridge.
    • Plastic Foil: The plastic foil is used to make the reverse side of the grain copy smooth.
  • With the Grain Maker Set two grain copies can be produced.
  • Grains can be repaired on vinyl and pigmented leathers, but not on porousd or absorbing leathers.


How to use


  1. The mixed compound hardens within about 4 to 8 minutes. For this reason, prepare tools and the surface before making a grain.
  2. Choose an area as horizontal as possible with a sufficient size and an identical grain to the grain where the damage is.
  3. Remove the small green cap from the cartridge and mount the mixing tip.
  4. Shorten the tapered tip at the end of the mixing tip with scissors or a knife. Thus, you will need less force when pressing the mixed components trough the mixing tip.
  5. Squeeze the grain paste like a spiral evenly and without interruption onto the surface, using half the content.
  6. Put the plastic foil on the back of the fresh grain paste and spread the paste with your finger or a spatula. An ideal embossing is, on average, about 2 mm thick and has a diameter of roughly 8 cm with a smooth outer edge. The embossing paste hardens quickly at warm temperatures. Work quickly and carefully.
  7. To speed up, a heat gun can be used. Then cool down with the chill bar. After 4 to 8 minutes, the grain copy can be gently removed with the spatula.


Cartridge, piston, and mixing tip

Mixing the components in the mixing tip

With the plastic foil, the back is smoothed

Working with the finished grain copy


Application video


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